Another Sign America is Going Mad

The fourth Democratic debate ended with a question that most candidates evaded and later metwith a hailstorm of slams on Twitter.  The question was about Ellen DeGeneres’ friendship with President George Bush.

This was in reference to Degeneres being largely criticized by liberals after she and former President George W. Bush were seen laughing together at a football game. Ellen defended their friendship, saying, ‘We’re all different and I think that we’ve forgotten that that’s OK, that we’re all different,’”   Anderson Cooper, debate moderator, brought this up and asked. “So in that spirit, we’d like you to tell us about a friendship that you’ve had that would surprise us and what impacts it’s had on you and your beliefs.”

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Personality Doesn’t Change

Can a nerdy child grow up to be an aggressive tycoon?  Can a childhood bully develop into a mild-mannered librarian?

Social Scientists have long debated whether our personalities develop mainly in early childhood or continue to change and grow throughout our lives.  Sigmund Freud was the first to state that personality is formed in early childhood and stays basically the same throughout adulthood.  One of his followers, Eric Erikson, believed we continue to develop throughout our lifespan.

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