How Women Objectify Themselves

Men don’t need to objectify women. Women objectify themselves before men ever get around to objectifying them.

Women objectify themselves whenever they wear tight, black leggings that hug every curve and sink into every crevice of their bodies. When they walk down the street or into a bus or through a lobby the leggings frame them and accentuate the movement of their hips and thighs and the sensual quiver of their derrieres.

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Is Anatomy Destiny?

Taller guys have longer dicks, according to research. Also, taller guys with bigger penises have happier lives, according to other research. Women tend to prefer guys with longer Johnsons, says still other research. Since basketball players are tall, we can then assume they have the tallest penises and get the most women.

To put it all together, taller guys with longer penises get more women and are happier. Basketball players, who tend to be taller than other men, are the happiest men. This also implies that shorter guys with, say, nubs for penises, get fewer women. And hence one might infer that soccer players, with average-sized penises, get fewer women, are less happy.

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The Age of Destructive Communication

We have now had 34 mass killings this year (of 5 or more people), and the year isn’t finished yet. Mass killing are one of the most heinous forms of destructive communication, the ultimate acting out of feelings. A while back President Trump said to Kim Jung Un, President of North Korea, that if the Korean leader continued to escalate his development of his nuclear arsenal, Un would experience “fire and fury like the world has never seen.” This, again, is the most destructive kind of communication—a harsh death threat.

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The Persecution of White Males

Recently a nurse was fired from Indiana University Health after she tweeted, “Every white woman raises a detriment to society when they raise a son. Someone with the HIGHEST propensity to be a terrorist, rapist, killer, and domestic violence all star. Historically, every son you had should be sacrificed to the B-ch Wolves…”

This statement resulted in its tweeter being punished. But many other such statements about men, especially white males as well as behaviors, have not only passed inspection but also have been encouraged. In fact, it appears that a kind of persecution of white males has gone on for at least half a century.

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Can Women Learn About Equality from Men?

index12At the end of the Miss Universe contest, Columbia’s Paulina Vega (who was later crowned as this year’s Miss Universe) was asked, “What can women learn about equality from men?” She hemmed and hawed and remarked about how tough the question was. Finally she answered that some men understood about equality and women could learn from those men.

What Miss Universe’s answer overtly stated is that women can only learn from men who understand about equality, and what her answer implied is that women can only learn from men who understand equality the way women understand it. As a man and as a psychoanalyst, I found that answer frustrating.  To me it smacks of reverse sexism.

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