Coronavirus and Hysteria

Ever since the Coronavirus, or COVID-19 as it is now called, appeared in Wuhan, China, in December 2019 it has invoked a fear reaction.  “A new virus has been discovered,” experts were saying, “it is spreading fast in China,” “93 people have died in China,” “47 have died in Iran,“ “I’m afraid this time we may be in for an epidemic of world proportions….”

These kinds of statements by reporters, doctors, government officials and even Presidents have contributed to a growing hysteria.  People are staying home from work and stocking up on food supplies, and Walmart also reported recently that people are buying guns at an increased rate.  It seems that almost everybody is expecting some world disaster.

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Are We the New Sodom and Gomorrah?

Two angels appeared before Abraham, patriarch of the Jews.  They said to him, “The villages of Sodom and Gomorrah must be destroyed because the people there have all become corrupt and perverse.”

Abraham could not believe this to be true, so he said to the angels, “If I can find fifty good people there, will you spare these villages?”  The angels agreed.  Abraham searched the villages and could not find fifty good people.

Abraham then asked the angels, “If I can find forty good people there, will you spare these villages?”  The angels again agreed.  Abraham searched the villages and could not find forty good people.

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Another Sign America is Going Mad

The fourth Democratic debate ended with a question that most candidates evaded and later metwith a hailstorm of slams on Twitter.  The question was about Ellen DeGeneres’ friendship with President George Bush.

This was in reference to Degeneres being largely criticized by liberals after she and former President George W. Bush were seen laughing together at a football game. Ellen defended their friendship, saying, ‘We’re all different and I think that we’ve forgotten that that’s OK, that we’re all different,’”   Anderson Cooper, debate moderator, brought this up and asked. “So in that spirit, we’d like you to tell us about a friendship that you’ve had that would surprise us and what impacts it’s had on you and your beliefs.”

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Therapized Folks are the Healthiest

Is it often assumed that people who go into therapy are less mentally healthy than those who do not go into therapy. However, my own research suggests that this is not necessarily true. Functional neurotics (that is, you and I) who receive therapy—at least two years of therapy or more—are generally healthier than those who do not receive therapy. Those who do not receive therapy often delude themselves into thinking they are mentally healthier, but they are not.

People who stay in therapy, particular a psychodynamic therapy in which they get in touch with themselves and learn to know themselves in the Freudian as well as the Socratic or Daoist sense, develop a balanced attitude toward life. As they become more aware of their unconscious, they are able to let go of aspects of their personality that are detrimental and to actualize parts that are more beneficial.

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